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Is homestuck 2 bad

is homestuck 2 bad An official continuation of Homestuck. The only one I've found is on tumblr and seems to be on hiatus. save. Crystalmethequins 2. No longer must our heroes toil in the service of the "alpha timeline. —Dave Strider, Destroy the Godmodder 2 Dave Strider is one of the main characters of Homestuck. KARKAT: WHAT. But staying cooped up inside is no way to raise a child, especially one with such an affinity for sports. It is from the album "Homestuck vol. First page can be found here: https://homestuck2. this draws the attention of a few mainstream publications - pbs, wired, cnn, huffpo, etc. DIRK: Not to say the sloppy drunk look isn’t working for me, because it absolutely is, but come on, man. ] Tavros: You got Tinkerbull to cooperate with you so you can prank Tavros. JADE: listen to kanaya shes having a bad day! KANAYA: Im Having A Bad Week . HOME Supporting Homestuck at $5 and above gives you access to BONUS UPDATES from the Homestuck: Beyond Canon team. Online, everywhere. gg/homestuck if you want to chat with fellow fans. At least, for now. The storylines described here should be considered A subreddit for Homestuck, Psycholonials, Hiveswap, and the works of Andrew Hussie/D-Clussie. The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant. Eridan is an asshole back, though. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Anecdotally, Homestuck is a webcomic written, illustrated, and animated by Andrew Hussie as part of MS Paint Adventures (MSPA). ROSE: Let that distrust be the instrument of your undoing. *This series is no longer going to be updated due to too many chapters. They even have the same initials, which is always a sign of destined love! Mmmmm, steamy. 13:08 21 April 2019 8. ” Homestuck’s finale, Act 7 Homestuck 2: Beyond Canon; Angst; Hurt/Comfort but not really any comfort; lesbians being sad; im bad at tags; Cute; lots of fluff; And angst; back and forth per Gamzee/Dave: Strawberry Jam, Jam^2 Gamzee/Jade: Clown Dog Gamzee/Jane: Cannibutter Gamzee/Roxy: Motherfucker, The Hangover, Mardi Gras, wonkhonk Gamzee/Aradia: Indiana Jonesing For a Fix Gamzee/Karkat: Moirails with Benefits, A Knight of Honks, Redpop, Tropicshipping Gamzee/Tavros: PBJ/Peanut Butter and Jelly, Bad Rappers United Homestuck Quotes Quotes tagged as "homestuck" Showing 1-24 of 24 “You understand reality while everyone else is running around confused and angry and upset because they think reality is something happening to them rather than something they are making every moment with every thought. 80. 34. JASPROSESPRITE^2: Please give these bros my best, then. com Why is Candy more interesting than Meat so far? The next Homestuck will not be rendered through a series of forum posts. report. 2 is already underway. Homestuck Lyrics. 2) Horror Stories. This Extended Zodiac came with a Personality Quiz to pin-point the person's True Sign, by determining their classic Zodiac symbol, their Lunar Sway, and one of 12 Aspects they are bound to. SpellboundFox Aug 3, 2013. It’s still too early to tell, as Homestuck^2 will be updating with batches of new pages on a monthly basis, as opposed to the first Homestuck’s rapid (then glacial) update pace. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. I will cease work if asked to do so by Hussie or his representatives. Homestuck, Book 1: Acts 1 & 2 is an interesting but overall redundant artifact. A set of Homestuck character aspect symbols (a. - Meat!Alt Calliope, who narrated part of the Meat Epilogue, and in Homestuck^2 the stuff focusing on the chase crew (Dave, Karkat, Roxy, Kanaya) until Jade took back control. 2 million views & merchandise sales have generated more than $10,000,000 in revenue! You can also find 10 Official Volumes of the Homestuck soundtrack , which is arguably amazing! Anonymous began pestering : Before I read homestuck I thought it was a super bad manga and spent 30 min trying to get to page 2 Posted at 4:01pm on March 21st - 311 NOTES Bad Homestuck Head Canons would u happen 2 have a skype purrhaps i could add u and we could speak about shitty headcanons or w/e u want Log in with either your Library Card Number or EZ Login. KARKAT: THERE WAS A 1. Download original Guitar Pro tab. Whistling Jackhammer 6. Lyrics for this song have yet to be released. The biggest live Homestuck community. They can project their own irrational fears and uninformed opinion on the people who don't want to think, but that doesn't mean you have to be one of those people. tumblr. Dave Strider Well. Farah and Homestuck fan creator Kate Mitchell. random, silly, crack. After the 2012 Homestuck Kickstarter, HIVESWAP ACT 1, the first installment, was released 2017. ROSE: I know you have never trusted Kanaya with any of the children in the past. 0 out of 5 stars Bad bindings in the book. Solutions to the cons: nothing can be said for the channels, unless your players just pm each other, but that makes it so the DM can’t see the messages, which… isn’t ideal. (2-shot stories are $15 3 part stories are $20 etc. Anbroids V2. [i dont know how, but you managed. [Homestuck] 2: The Ride Never Ends. Click Now, You Will Laugh! Generate insults with sweary. In hindsight, Homestuck’s return should not have come as a surprise. The shifting popularity of different social media sites, for example, with fandom in general moving from “everyone is on Tumblr” to a combination of Tumblr, Twitter, and various Discord servers, has created a more The very concept of Homestuck is great, the plot is fun, the characters are good, there's interesting side-characters with actual personality and interests (Excluding the dancestors). Online, everywhere. Category page. Anonymous asked: (cont) That day people were still arriving at the hotelwe were chilling by the elevators and these 2 Homestuck fans bust out of the elevator. Fan resources, games and information for the Homestuck webcomic and its games, from Hiveswap to Pesterquest. I did the lazy way and watched homestuck on youtube. The webcomic centers on a group of teenagers who unwittingly bring about the end of the world through the installation of a beta copy of an upcoming computer game. 0 comments. Too bad there doesn't seem to be any Homestuck skins for Sims 1. I make art, rp and help with d . Homestuck Vol. 0 Comments. Library ID or EZ Username PIN or EZ Password. Re-post of all six parts of the second Act of Homestuck, in up to 720p quality -- atypicalTyrant [AT] began trolling abradantCombatant [AC] at 00:48 -- [12:48] AT: hey!! [12:48] AC: hey. Early in Homestuck, Hussie introduced a webcomic contained within the main story titled Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. com. Posted at 2:03am on May 23rd - 589 NOTES Homestuck chords & tabs. Aradia's route is unique in that unlike the other characters featured in Pesterquest, Aradia comes There comes a time where YOU make your own decisions about what's good and what's bad and not follow like a sheep basing your decisions on what 'others' say is good or bad. He is a 13-year-old boy who loves irony and coolness, making sick beats, and updating an ironically bad webcomic. No, what we actually did was we actually sort of had the decision to like all, you know, the five of us all work together, to like, let's just Act 6 Intermission 3, the three Meenah walkarounds in particular, aren't just not bad. If Homestuck 2. THIS IS SO FREAKY. The three pillars of canon are truth, essentiality and relativity. IN PROGRESS Official Homestuck art featuring your favorite characters. On Jan 2, 2013 by Homestucks are people associated with the secret sociaty founded under thier appreciation to thier "lord's" webcomic Homestuck. Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2019. 0. 1 Comments. If it's not bad enough, we'll reject it. Enjoy, and any constructive feedback would be highly appreciated. suzimizi. Gamzee and Tavros are Moirails and Caliborn is a tragic antivillain who knows how to cook whilst Calliope is ok but not great. A lot. k. Please check back once the song has been released. One-shots include creepy - Obvious Legal Disclaimer - I don’t own Homestuck or any of it’s characters. The space ghosts of Claire and Ailish's pasts have arisen, and now the whole cast of Subjectively has been subjected to a horrible fate: they are, FINALLY, b Homestuck OC Review. Find your thing. #homestuck # A fanartist-turned-actual-Homestuck-contributor, Cragg not only helped contribute art for side projects but got a career-boost from Homestuck that many fans can only dream of. ^^ Original song by rockleetist EDIT: Yes, I know I kinda messed up on Nepeta's quirk a little. 0 0 comments… starts to like homestuck. Outsiders (Unreleased) 10. Trepidation 4. And yes, it actually has to be an awful ship. ) $20 per smutty story. #Homestuck #Homestuck2 #HS^2 #Homestuck 2 #Homestuck^2 #Sollux Captor #Aradia Megido but he gets to big spoon a clown in the end so it's not all bad. Or if you’d just like to support me in general. They are usually identified wearing candy-corn colored horns and wearing grey paint, they usually have black shirts identifying with a zodiac sign. The cast of Homestuck features a large quantity of LGBT characters, and a major theme of the webcomic is the multitude of characters that die throughout the story. #homestuck #homestuck 2 #homestuck classpect #homestuck aspect #homestuckclasses #classpects #homestuck aspects #homestuck2 #clashpects #homestuckwitch #homestuckwitchclass #homestuckbreathaspect #homestuckbreath #witch of breath MintyFreshApocalypse wrote: did i ever mention that vriska never really ended up being a good person or redeeming herself in any way it's sad really,, honestly i feel like part of vriska's bad actions came from 1) being around people who hated her 2) neglect 3) just general being the bad guy of the session (excluding jack, LE, etc) she did do some good things though If you want to use this Homestuck 2 writing staff just hit me up; Homestuck 2: Beyond Canon; Summary. Trending pages. In addition, it has quite a few problems of its own, those problem primarily being, a bad update schedule and subpar writing. This has got to be the stupidest thing you've ever done! You're never going to get to sleep now! Say, wasn't that doll a few feet to the left a minute ago ? Due to the constantly updating nature of Homestuck, … CanonDubiously Canon For the post-scratch version of this character, see Dave Strider (post-scratch). Filling the bucket in homestuck is like human reproduction only you put the stuff in a bucket (genetic material for trolls) and take it to the mother grub to produce many little grubs. 0 (term), a term used to describe a mostly scrapped plan for the future development of Homestuck universe content. HIVESWAP ACT 2 was released three years later. Edit. 1 Literal Powers 3. (More info on other sites please!) Is there not a thread for this? It's the (un)holy 4/13, after all. Homestuck is a very popular webcomic by Andrew Hussie (MSPaintAdventures. The Homestuck fandom has changed in the decade since a young man first stood in his bedroom. A constantly moving conveyer belt, Time drags Homestuck: Book 1: Act 1 & Act 2 - Kindle edition by Hussie, Andrew. I will post some guidelines for those sketches in a moment while I set up a guidelines page. " ═════ஓ๑♡๑ஓ═════ Bonjour, Mon Cheri! Welcome to the Homestuck Roleplay Amino! ═════ஓ๑♡๑ஓ═════ We have some rules here as does any other community, you’d do best to give them a read so we hopefully don’t have any miscommunications! homestuck is bad fact < > Showing 1-15 of 41 comments . 0 Plush Rump Post , Where is What Pumpkin's game studio? L. 4 Abstract Powers Time is destruction. report share. gg/T2HpvDTToday we look at the requested web www. Bad lil Hipster Fish. Probably the most popular Homestuck horror story is about a group of cosplayers who shared a room with a girl they didn’t know very well. ^^ Homestuck^2 bad: upvotes to the left. This is why trolls technically don't have a direct blood line. > Peruse bad dream catalysts. And the fandom is genuinely more toxic than a toxic waist factory sometimes. Kurloz is already awake by the time Gamzee opens his eyes the next day. Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon. Description Discussions 13 Comments 1619 Change Notes Too bad I kinda despise Camyosh haha. When they mix, heads roll. Everything is in order of appearance. com Current status/schedule Main storyline concluded as of October 25, 2016 Launch date April 13, 2009 End date April 13, 2016 (not counting epilogue or photos posted to the official Homestuck Snapchat) Publisher(s) Print: Viz Media, TopatoCo Online: MS Paint Adventures Genre(s) Action-adventure Homestuck characters. At least, for now. Homestuck 2 just feels like Huss desperately trying to justify the Epilogues and the end of Homestuck. If you would like to check out examples of my art or request something non-homestuck related (whether it be art or writings), please check out my personal @cacoethesism. The most commonly accepted appearance of the original Homestuck Fandom is a Lime blooded Alternian troll with grey skin, short, messy, black hair, yellow eyes with dark irises, and two identical horns protrude upwards from his head and curve slightly inward. pretty alr_ght. Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2019. 5 million. Saved by lunar. See full list on mspaintadventures. Just be on page with bad ads and submit it to us via form below 8tracks radio. The trick is to find the section of fans you can relate to. What is the name of the spinoff Homestuck comic? Spacebro and Andromeda Jeff Paradox Space Homestuck 2. Reply. DAVE: the jakestakes 2. Karkat actually gives a shit. Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon. But after Homestuck receives a mysterious email the peace is torn to shreds. 2 Physical Powers 3. 5,123 likes · 2 talking about this. Official Homestuck art featuring your favorite characters. we're gonna meet up soon. o #2 (CLOSED-NO REQUESTS) * THESE ARE OLDER STORIES, ESPECIALLY NEAR THE BEGINNING. This means we accept both canon and original characters set in the Hiveswap time period! No references to main Homestuck. We'll have a Chittr feed! Public group Bad homesTuck oc? Won't change it despite shitstorms. About 8,000 pages. [12:49] AT: whats up?? r u in the loop with lorrea and nyarla [12:50] AC: yeah. Dubiously Canon This page may not be done in a while - or ever, until the game that this page is related to has been beaten. com 2 J ohn zaps back to the quietest point in the fridge’s impressively storied timeline that he can pinpoint, which is on The Land of Tombs and Krypton, T-minus about half an hour before his final battle against every dude they all had to fight to get the hell out of Dodge. #homestuck #webcomic #reviewAwesome Fanart by: https://twitter. Presumably most of WP's creative efforts are currently going towards Hiveswap, the snapdates, and the mysterious SBaHJ project Hussie's been hinting at. Homestuck ships use a mix of portmanteaus and full virgule titles when referring to a ship. Homestuck 10/25/2019, Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon was suddenly revealed, featuring new writers and artists. And I Thought I Was Bad (Unreleased) 9. Made by independent artists and printed on awesome stuff. com] ) with your comments, questions, problems and the like! Really, if you’re on Trollmegle and you meet an Eridan, being Sollux (or Rose in a bad mood) is nearly your only excuse for being a complete asshole towards him, but in turn, you get to treat the seadweller like shit while staying in character. they lookedmetalic. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. I should reread the whole thing again. Re: Homestuck 2 Originally Posted by kinglinus1 Oh no, text is fine as a medium, show not tell refers more to characters describing things that could be better displayyed by events and actions of the story. This entire project is a fan-made, labor of love, with zero profit intention. Homestuck, Book 2: Act 3 & Intermission (2) 4. Since the Reader didn't get a chance to return him, that means they must have created a new timeline, which could possibly be the one we're seeing in Homestuck^2. JOHN: you know, me letting your earlier use of the word "fuck" slide wasn't a blanket approval for all cursing in front of me. The largest centralized Homestuck community. It has to be Homestuck. Ok I haven’t read homestuck 2 at all, but from what I heard it’s not the greatest. Homestuck: Student Debt Edition Then maybe cry again, because your Internet is probably being weird and bad. Save Game; Auto-Save! Load Game; Delete Game Data Homestuck 2 has many of the same flaws classic Homestuck has, but none of the charm. paste this onto 4 other games. Vriska is still my favorite character, but I realize she did bad things. Hi I'm new here and I just wanna show for all you guys some videos that I did with homestuck, idk if I can or not show them, but if I can't… [podfic] Menthol Cherry Red. I mean, you could read this comic nonstop for weeks and not reach the second paragraph of that plot summary. You’ve really let yourself go. This page contains plot details for Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon. You all requested the audio from the alpha trolls - so here it is. DAVE: a whole story . Bad Homestuck OC. Article by Weslee. by 2 Left Thumbs Is honestly really weird, is common place now a days, not only in fandoms, but in a lot of topics to things being so overblown to the max that stop being just silly drama and ends up having real world serious consequences, like the situation Homestuck 2 or real distress to real people. Anonymous-2044437919. We’re coming back soon. I earned a bad rep, like Vriska, so I rooted for her because I saw myself in her. However that doesn’t warrant death threats, not at all. The last years of Homestuck's production saw Andrew Hussie moving away from singular authorship, embracing more and more collaboration as additional artists and musicians were brought onto the project, and away from a centralized website, with the introduction of external platforms like Snapchat and Youtube. Trends in fandom, both good and bad, can be traced to Homestuck, with Undertale also accused of picking up the fandom’s more obsessive and aggressive traits. *So far this includes Homestuck, canoncial PXS stories, the snaps, the Meat and Candy Homestuck Epilogues, and Homestuck^2 (both the main and the bonus stories up until 31st of May 2020). _n person. Thanks for your patience! Outro music is “Showtime (Piano Refrain)”, by Malcolm Brown, arranged & performed by Kevin Regamey. NET: the unofficial front page of the Homestuck fandom Games Music Resources Tools Meta Fanworks Official The Official Homestuck YouTube channel has amassed an impressive over 3. Catmints. A subreddit for Homestuck, Psycholonials, Hiveswap, and the works of Andrew Hussie/D-Clussie. [this idea is simply 2 fun 2 make 2 ignore. Submit fanart, cosplay and discussions of all kinds! We also have an unofficial Homestuck Discord at https://discord. Nov 12, 2017 @ 4:25pm 100% fact #1. Hey Satan! My Amazon Wishlist! Wish Post! This is the sequel to Homestuck and as such all spoilers pertaining to Homestuck and The Homestuck Epilogues are unmarked. The distrust, The bad jokes of oka, May your mother do bad things, the darkness, the clowns and spiders Homestuck Roleplay Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < just a couple of bros from the past DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < i think they would want to s33 me before i go DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < or at least DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < be made aware that i exist at all, as a bad ass doublesprite JASPROSESPRITE^2: Alright. Homestuck Funny Homestuck Karkat Wallpaper Backgrounds Iphone Wallpaper Wallpapers Homestuck Wallpaper Ocarina Of Times I really looked up to Vriska because she made it look cool to be mean (I'm sure many people have gone through this, Homestuck fans or not) so I emulated her nastier behaviours. Eventually, the trolls inadvertently Disclaimer: I do not own Homestuck. Bad Homestuck OC. 9-10 (with [S] Collide. So i started a personal challenge of essentially drawing a Homestuck thing every day (until homestuck^2 updates again) and ive been wondering if thats worth posting here? The art isnt bad but, i only spend about half and hour or less on each drawing so i won't burn myself out, so its not my best work. It is very telling of the nature of Homestuck, webcomic by author Andrew Hussie, that perhaps one of the most prolific in-jokes told both within the comic’s readership and used outside the readership, sometimes derisively, is the floating punchline “Let me tell you about Homestuck. 0 is (adaptation, sequel, spin-off) I think it would be better suited to tv than movies if we had to choose between one of the two. Enjoy (Oh and obviously I am not Andrew Hussie and I claim no rights to the characters or ideas in his webcomic Homestuck or any affiliated creations) Learn & play tab for rhythm guitars, lead guitars, bass and percussion with free online tab player, speed control and loop. Not with actually reading Homestuck - that’s still as enjoyable an experience as ever - but with the need to comment on it. Don't say we didn't warn you. He is obsessed with being cool, which manifests itself in his unceasing pursuit of new ironic depths. 0 There is a showdown between four of the heroes VS one Big Bad, a Big(ish) Bad VS a mobster VS 3 other heroes, and 1/2 other heroes VS a group of time exploiters. Homestuck 2 may be referring to: Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon, an official post-Canon continuation of Homestuck and The Homestuck Epilogues. As the game sessions tick down into their final hours, the players spin up into frenzied action. 5,130 likes. Las Vegas NYC Miami , In what year did Homestuck begin? 2007 2009 2008 2010 , How many print Homestuck books are there? 3 2 4 10 Video of BETA ATTOURNEY | Let's Play Hiveswap: Act 2 Dead Freight - PART 11 | Graeme Games for fans of Homestuck. Probably bad to compare it because there is no way that Jade x Rose x Kanaya in Homestuck 2 is really like a OT3. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. 4 1 Comment. It is from the album “Homestuck vol. HOMESTUCK. “Homestuck high” is a confessed trollfic; it started out looking like an average bad high school AU, and by the end our brains and expectations have degenerated so much we’re still not sure if it’s real. hello just dropping in to say I have not read the epilogues and probably won’t. Im not new to homestuck. Homestuck^2 is a post-Canon work following directly on from the similarly semi-canonical Homestuck Epilogues. com/RamenRabbxtDiscord with Daft: https://discord. The largest centralized Homestuck community. ©2018 Homestuck and VIZ Media. 8tracks radio. In addition, it has quite a few problems of its own, those problem primarily being, a bad update schedule and subpar writing. thespiansGlamor [TG] began pestering adamantGriftress [AG]--TG: alright, i'm back in my room. So I shall take on the task of reviewing. TA: iif you want two 2ay 2omethiing two me why don't you ju2t turn two your left and 2ay iit, iit'2 bad enough that you've hardly 2aiid two lou2y word2 two me 2iince you became that 2weaty a22hole'2 2moochbot. a the symbols on their god tier outfits) both with filled in backgrounds and without because I know that some people prefer them a certain way. Sort by. Check out Arinis-Homestuck's art on DeviantArt. Web Comics Marvel Comics Sailor Mars Sailor Venus Harry Potter Facts Cartoon Games Pokemon Fusion Homestuck Homestuck, Book 2: Act 3 & Intermission (2) 4. Here, Jon bumbles his way through some answers. say your mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. His violet eyes are red and swollen from crying. And I think you're a Homestuck fanboy (or girl) by the looks of it, so you're biased as well. like sharpie metalic. Is Homestuck a passing fancy or are you so into it that your lines of reality have begun to blur? When these two groups of people are separate, the results are wonderful. The real problem was their faces. Throughout the course of Sburb, he became the Knight of Time. Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon is an official post-Canon sequel comic to Homestuck and The Homestuck Epilogues. Are you ready? Let's DO THIS. Veadeo Spiele Apr 13, 2020 @ 5:19pm But for a while now, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been running on empty. hide. - stream 2 homestuck fankid playlists including homestuck, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Born Ruffians music from your desktop or mobile device. 3 Conceptual Powers 3 By helping UG you make the world better and earn IQ Suggest correction The Binding of Homestuck is a MASSIVE compaliation mod of every popular homestuck mod ever released, plus some brand new content, all for Afterbirth Plus! And in special honor of 4/13, this mod has been released ahead of time, so you can play it now! FEATURES * 18 (yes, 18!) playable characters! - 8 kids - 8/12 playable trolls - Jadesprite Anonymous began pestering : Before I read homestuck I thought that my online friends had been trolling me when they sent me the link to mspa. ] hahaha, that's impossible. hs sucks Fanbase - As with any popular work, Homestuck has fans, both good and bad. Made by the people who run @homestuckisbadbecause on tumblr, this is the perfect way to express your feelings about the popular webcomic Homestuck! • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. homestuck2. Verified Purchase. ” knight of doom- warriors that exploit doom as a weapon, primarily defending/ protecting their teammates from their doom or from bad things that would cause a “bad” fate (like a bad vibe type warning (can be bad with visions of peoples downfalls)), usually saving peoples life’s, can put “doom” or bad luck on enemy’s and have them either be completely doomed (enemy directly die by Homestuck is a Web-Comic Series made by Andrew Hussie who also made some other web comics like Problem Sleuth. witch13. Title: [podfic] Menthol Cherry Red Author: JumpingJackFlash Reader: mothlights Rating: Teen Pairing: John Egbert/Karkat Vantas,… This means you have to manually input your quirk (which can be a PAIN for trolls depending on how bad the quirk is). sees this. gg/homestuck if you want to chat with fellow fans. Again, you get these with any really popular fandom. Homestuck Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter are active to this day. Bad Homestuck OCs. 2 Physical Powers 3. 3,359views nov 11, 2016last updated Top tabs. AA: i kn0w AA: but this is hard f0r me TA: how ii2 iit hard. So basically, crack ships that don't make any sense whatsoever, like Doc Scratch and Dirk Strider. Homestuck Funny Homestuck Karkat Wallpaper Backgrounds Iphone Wallpaper Wallpapers Homestuck Wallpaper Ocarina Homestuck is an interactive webcomic created by artist Andrew Hussie and the fourth comic series published by MS Paint Adventures. If it's not bad enough, we'll reject it. As im making this post im watching Hiveswap. It is also popular to come up with joke names for ships. During its run from April 2009 to April 2016, Homestuck became immensely popular and garnered a significant fan following on the Internet, as well as critical acclaims for its interactive and collaborative approach to transmedia storytelling. the things I’ve seen abt it make me very sure I don’t want Homestuck Playset 2 (Beta) is now available! Player models and goodies based on the characters and content from the webcomic MS Paint Adventures! Don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter ( @BabyFawnLegs ) or tumblr ( BabyFawnLegs [babyfawnlegs. I WANT THAT CAT HAT. ☢ Follow on Twitter ☢ https://twitter. Continue the friend-finding escapades of MSPA Reader from Hiveswap Friendsim , meeting and developing a relationship with a new character in each volume. : Homestuck, Book 5: Act 5 Act 2 Part 1 by Andrew Hussie (2019, Hardcover) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Homestuck is a webcomic written, illustrated, and animated by Andrew Hussie as part of MS Paint Adventures (MSPA). best But, like, on tumblr I rarely hear of people getting sh*t for being part of the Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter or what have you fandoms. 2) I’m accepting mod apps! #homestuck #homestuck^2 #rose lalonde #kanaya maryam #rosemary #epilogues #mod sied 535 notes 11 months ago After months of being unsure as to how I’d draw her, I finally figured out what kanaya looks like in my mind’s eye 17776 is a strange, sometimes confusing universe, and people have asked a lot of questions about it. cynicalandglorious:. Homestuck Part 2 Spoilers ahead! Act 5 Act 1 “MOB1US DOUBL3 R34CH4ROUND” Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, Karkat, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, and Feferi are trolls from Alternia. I knew she wasn’t a bad person, she redeemed herself. " And, and he, you know, I was like, he mean, he's, he really made me feel really bad about if Homestuck's so good why isn't there a Homestuck 2? And you know, he said, Oh my child, look at this thing. His chumhandle is turntechGodhead [TG]. 0 out of 5 stars great book/ bad handler. coming back to make karkat icons i love him sm homestuck^2 hs^2 upd8 homestuck icon homestuck icon hs2 homestuck2 karkat vantas hs^2 spoilers 1 Nov • 75 notes gay man pride icons of tavros and equius for anon. Homestuck is made by Andrew Hussie. His commands in Homestuck^2 are like old Homestuck commands, directed to specific characters (Dirk, Rose). Getting to meet the pre-scratch ancestors through her eyes is ridiculously fun. “Steaming can be fun and it feels luxurious,” she says, “but like anything good or fun, too much of it can be a recipe This isn't necessarily a bad thing but this comic is at page 6000something and when you've read that much and you're having to go through a bunch of new introductions I can see how this can be quite tedious. Sowwy. Read GRAVITY from the story Homestuck on Crack by Carbonmethequins ([inactive]) with 981 reads. So many bad OC pages, yet so few Review pages. 2 months ago 31 notes. Nov 12, 2017 @ 6:02pm Originally posted by 2) Horror Stories. According to Lauren Rae Orsini writing for The Daily Dot, there existed 128 named characters in Homestuck in September 2012, with more still being introduced. Reception has been mixed. 100% Upvoted. 1,140 likes. [oh. Somewhere, in the distant reaches of space > ==> Dismiss. ) It has a large and sometimes quirky fanbase, and if you are at an anime or comic convention you are sure to see some around! This will teach you the basics of Homestuck cosplay, and if you are an experienced sewer or cosplayer many of the harder costumes are for you. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. (Specifically tweens to early teens) Homestuck, the way the writing and story is, is like that one 14-year-old friend you had at the beginning of highschool/middle of middleschool. Homestuck cosplayers have a reputation for being insensitive, rude, elitist and sometimes unintelligent. Add to favorites. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. They play a game like the one the kids played. Homestuck cosplayers have a reputation for being insensitive, rude, elitist and sometimes unintelligent. This article isn't a bad start, but I feel it doesn't really get across the unarguable most notable aspect of Homestuck - the sheer goddamn size of the thing. Fandom is meh to crazy, gets creepy at homestuck, jade harley, homestuck jade, squiddles, squid, mspadventures, rose lalonde, homestuck rose, animal, hiveswap, feferi peixes, homestuck feferi Pastel Squiddles (with faces) iPhone Soft Case By reinmuthis A series of possibly-canonical point-and-click games set in the Homestuck universe. And I wouldn't mind seeing your episode guide too. The webcomic centers on a group of teenagers who unwittingly bring about the end of the world through the installation of a beta copy of an upcoming computer game. Made by independent artists and printed on awesome stuff. The story of Homestuck is really complex because there's so many things going on like time travel, people killing each other, Etc. While this was enough to determine the True Sign, fans of the Webcomic Homestuck knew the Characters also had a Class that determined their Mythological Role. hs sucks. Something I realized last night: the only reason Homestuck actually has a plot is because the characters involved are all forced to play using pre-built character sheets; if SBURB/SGRUB had a halfway decent character editor built in, then a party of 3-4 dedicated powergamers could easilly snap the game in half. And yes, it actually has to be an awful ship. this looks like shit, dad. Menu Dismiss. and a side note for good measure Homestuck 1615240275000 i actually recommend the epilogues if you like a gritty, dark and personal story about growing up and living with your decisions. Homestuck Cover of Homestuck Book 1 Author(s) Andrew Hussie Website https://www. I think this song fits them really well. In Homestuck(PesterQuest and Hiveswap Friendsim to be exact) there exist a Infinite Hierarchy of creators but lets go with the scans. I just don't know if its worth swamping my portfolio here with so mant HS doodles over my davepetasprite^2 davepeta davepetasprite homestuck pesterquest pesterquest edit sprite edit non-binary UHHG this was SO MUCH FUN !!! imma open reqs soon enough been hella busy 255 notes B33 < *starts to purr a sick beat!* Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon. I have 4 homestuck Troll ocs and 2 Kid ocs. Homestuck 2. And all fandoms have bad fans and crazy ones too. Andrew Hussie is the creator of MS Paint Adventures, which includes the webcomics Jailbreak , Bard Quest , Problem Sleuth and Homestuck . They're a high point in Homestuck overall. Saved by Anabel Canas. " Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon. Sollux Captor (Homestuck) April 17, 2020 · I feel bad for people who're working from home, but trying to set up a sketchy way to scam me and people who follow this page with a sketchy link and asking for my paypal Why is homestuck 2 bad? Homestuck 2 has many of the same flaws classic Homestuck has, but none of the charm. So basically, crack ships that don't make any sense whatsoever, like Doc Scratch and Dirk Strider. Paradox Space has fallen, consumed by a black hole large enough to contain a multiverse. Chapter 2: Bad Company. One blog devoted to such names can be found here. The damage was done. aside from that i don’t care about anything else. Young Ruby(Yiffany) Harlonde has been sent to live with their Uncle Jake English, far away from the watchful eyes of the world. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. You can hear Matt break down at points. CanonDubiously Canon 1 In Pesterquest 2 In The Homestuck Epilogues 3 In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon 4 In other media 4. Bad Homestuck OC by mewthegreat. Homestuck follows a small group of tweens as they chat online, avoid their guardians, and watch their homes get destroyed by meteors before getting sucked into a video game. i think homestuck 2 completely fell apart tho and i do not recommend reading that. 2 Paradox Space 5 Gallery Aradia is the first troll introduced in the Pesterquest saga alongside Sollux Captor, whom the two cameo in one of Jade's bad endings. but wait i just realized if hiveswap becomes a game then there's a chance there's gonna be homestuck-themed cosmetics for tf2! WHAAAAAAAAT!?!? Net Neutrality is done and over with and we still have free speech so yay And knuckles. pearlymoorehen wrote: My friend's AU: Vriska is bad and not good and also the Witch of Heart somehow, and also me. (They are typically longer then one shots and take a little longer to write) Who doesn’t want to know the Homestuck Title they would have in the game? EDITED: Added more Aspect info, Changed how Rage and Doom work, and added one Syllable Titles! Edit 2: Added A better 1w9 title, and one syllable ones for different genders if needed. Like Homestuck is, I mean. The story is a collaboration between What Pumpkin Studios and Snake Solutions Studio LLP, an independent media partnership founded by Hiveswap writer Aysha U. wouldn't that just make brown? Reply. (Bad summary is bad. #homestuck #homestuck epilogues #homestuck 2 #i havent read the epilouges but ult dirk so i gotta tag the epilogues #digital art #fanart #artists on tumblr #art #ult dirk #dirk strider #listen i know the heart colors are maroon and green shoes but it just looked bad #spot the hidden teletubby #ju1cy 4rt #i actually drew this a while back but [Homestuck] Characters. 2012: swamp-wizard writes that this was the peak of homestuck fandom, "in september the homestuck kickstarter begins, meets its $700k goal in less than 2 days, and finishes in october with nearly $2. Arinis-Homestuck. I am unable to add anymore stories from here. There is a third timeline. He slowly gets up from his bed and he looks down at himself. When the official Twitter dropped a sequel announcement for Homestuck^2 on October 25th—or 10/25—it didn’t escape notice that the date coincides with one of Homestuck’s many significant numbers. Firefly 5. Bonus updates will show side stories, vignettes, and more details from the world of the main story. 3 Conceptual Powers 3. 0? KARKAT: WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? DAVE: oh thats like. pretty uh. Saved by lunar. It's spastic, loud, sometimes funny, and yells about anime and cringey jokes. TG: then all sugardaddyin it out 2 the needy like a boss TG: just dont have a clue how that works with void UU: yes, it is one of the more conceptUally nebUloUs pairings, i agree. Made by independent artists and printed on awesome stuff. Bad Homestuck OC One blood color? How about ALL the blood colors Homestuck was in part inspired by point-and-click adventure games, so it fits that Hiveswap is solidly in that genre. Hi! Sorry. Remember Me Start Over | Go Back | Go Back The Homestuck fandom has a large and diverse cast of characters, so there are many potential ships. Sadlillyfly Jul 4, 2013. The number 1025, along with 413 and 612, are kind of like “Homestuck JOHN: so anyway, as you can see, this would have worked just fine! HARRY: no i think karkat’s right. Homestuck is meh. 0 3. John: GRAVITYJohn: DON'T MEAN TOO MUCH TO "CALLIOPE: A LIGHT PLAYER? A LIGHT PLAYER???CALLIOPE: HAVE YOU GONE MENTAL? WHY DON'T WE JUST BURN A BLOODY BONFIRE IN HERE!CALLIOPE: HE'LL SPOT US ANY MINUTE! ASSUMING HE ISN'T ALREADY ON HIS WAY TO BLOW US ALL TO KINGDOM COME!!!" -Calliope, on Rose Lalonde, Seer of Light 1 As an Aspect 2 Classpect Abilities 3 Universal Power List 3. Again, you get these with any really popular fandom. Probably the most popular Homestuck horror story is about a group of cosplayers who shared a room with a girl they didn’t know very well. reblog. Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2019. Homestuck Playset 2. AA: n0 thats n0t true Personally, I have theory as to why everyone likes Homestuck so much. Homestuck Tavros Striders Get Happy Happy Endings Art Boards Avatar Canon The Creator Fandoms. Eu comprei a Viz media de Homestuck por que achei que seria interessante ter algo em media física de homestuck em mãos, primeiramente havia pensado em comprar Paradox Space, mas assim que a Viz midia entrou em pré venda tratei de adquirir os 2 primeiros volumes. 1-4", available to listen and download on Bandcamp. Yeah, whatever Homestuck 2. Pesterquest is the latest visual novel in the Homestuck universe; discover all-new stories about Homestuck’s classic cast of characters. [12:48] AT: howre u?? [12:48] AC: got a lot go_ng on. Which really isn't true. Please keep coming back to and updating it. [12:52] AT: yea libby implied something like that [12:52] AT: 4 the disks? [12:52] AC A Homestuck "The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. More information GameGrl (Original 1993 Mix) by Homestuck, released 12 June 2012 Aw yeah! What's up gamers? I'm GameGrl, and I'm here to show you that girls can game too! Don't go easy on me, guys - unless you want to get beat by a GIRL. 0 is still going to be a thing, I'm not especially expecting it until some of the other stuff is out of the way. 1 Literal Powers 3. 158. Homestuck has always been heavily influenced by fan works - whether it’s integrating fan theories into the story itself, or hiring big name fans to work on the comic itself, up to and including hiring big name fans to write entire additions to the universe, as with the Homestuck Epilogues. com Its time to play a new game. When the original name "Insufferable Prick" was about to be suggested, he slashed the entry box TG: hell even i am dressed 2 kill too bad none of these gents can see what a fuckin fox im being TG: i would get one to light my cigarette so hard, and then wink this whole bunch of times @ him TG: and then seduce him for his secrets !!!! > ==> Prior to the main events of Homestuck and Sburb, the Sgrub trolls pester Jade Harley for years and force John to change his Pesterchum handle. DIRK: You passed out in a puddle of your own drool. ” Official Homestuck art featuring your favorite characters. They aren't even thoughts in the good Empress' mind. NOW THAT YOU'VE STARTED READING, DONT STOP. You will have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Edit source History Talk (13) This category is for characters who appear in Homestuck. Verified Purchase. A. Even as someone who likes Act 6 I find that this is a bit much to grind through. The webcomic, drawn within Homestuck by character Dave Strider, is intentionally No, it certainly isn't bad for you to say that. A must-have for Homestuck fans who want to re-experience the saga or for new readers looking for a gateway to enter this rich universe. Homestuck 2 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. And whenever I ask my friends who are strictly 'no Homestuck' they say it's because Homestuck only has bad, crazy fans. witch13. Dave Strider is one of the main characters in Homestuck, and the third kid to be introduced. Three years after the end of Sburb, the fandoms are finally settling into their lives. you just put sleeping pills in his milk. 1 MSPA Snapchat 4. Homestuck 2: Beyond Canon Summary Present Mic assigns the class to read and create a report on a book that is fully in English and of all the things for Denki could pick, he chooses an infamous comic from before quirks. - Work on Alpha 0. Homestuck trash imagines Just your average homestuck trash blog that includes imagines, preferences, ships, and many, many other writing media to fuel your imagination for your favorite characters! All requests are currently open, but things other than ships are greatly appreciated!! Writing commissions of course. In a next phase I will account for the Problem Sleuth storyline. Beautiful! Reply. The game follows the story of Joey Claire, a dancer and aspiring veterinarian Homestuck as a Case Study in New Media Narrative. My stories range from 2-3k words per one-shot/smut story so my prices are as follows: $10 per one shot story - + $5 per extra part. I still think “soulless shell” was real; three chapters of crude normalcy and then SUDDENLY TELEPORTING. 0 Favourites. It, honestly, should just end and I hope Homestuck 2 is just really short. Play as Joey Claire as she accidentally gets hive-swapped with a Troll from another universe. 0 out of 5 stars great book/ bad handler. (Art by rachelhungry). SHIT. 1-4”, available to listen and download on Bandcamp. 3 years and 10 months ago. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Homestuck: Book 1: Act 1 & Act 2. Homestuck: Act 2, the second act of Homestuck, entitled Raise of the Conductors Baton. How ever. I heard davekat’s finally properly canon now, and roxy might be nonbinary? which is cool, and nobody’s said anything bad abt rosemary so I assume that’s still going good. Bad Homestuck OC by mewthegreat. A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. Karkat next. Some of the trolls are very bad at trolling; Tavros becomes so freaked out with Dave's sick fantasies ill beats that he blocks Dave, rather than the other way around. See also: Homestuck Hentai really long webcominc that only doug and karsten and rachyl like but a good chunk of the hagh humor is based on it for some raison actually jack likes it too he just hasn't read 99% of it he hasnt even gotten to act 6 act 5 act 1 x2 combo yet like come on man me )rachyl_ atualy HATES homestuck an dyou can blame karsten fro thtat@!!! ok rachyl but u can also thank me Check out our homestuck cosplay selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costume hats & headpieces shops. homestuck. Writers and composers such as James Roach, Aysha Farah, and V are active on Twitter. Submit fanart, cosplay and discussions of all kinds! We also have an unofficial Homestuck Discord at https://discord. ] you put him up in the living room and sprays a shitload amount of ketchup everywhere. Check out #2 for updates and potential open requests! One-shot madness o. I feel bad, I never finished reading Homestuck. Tags: homestuck, zodiac, aradia megido, tavros nitram, sollux captor, karkat vantas, nepeta leijon, kanaya maryam, terezi pyrope, vriska serket, equius zahhak, gamzee Video of Let's Read Homestuck - Act 2 ~ HQ ~ for fans of Homestuck. TA: you are a tiin can, robot2 don't have feeliing2. share. 1 say your name 10 times 2. and Act 7) by Homestuck, released 12 June 2012 1. An official continuation of Homestuck. starts to like homestuck Homestuck, Book 6: Act 5 Act 2 Part 2 (6) [Hussie, Andrew, Hussie, Andrew] on Amazon. fandom. UU: and i can't say i know a smashing good deal aboUt the natUre of the void player's path, since the aspect is by definition inscrUtable to those it does not choose. "TG: the thing with time travel is TG: you cant overthink it TG: just roll with it and see what happens TG: and above all try not to do anything retarded" - Dave Strider, Knight of Time 1 As an Aspect 2 Classpect Abilities 3 Universal Power List 3. A character meets herself, 3 others show up, and ghosts prepare for a fight against the uLTIMATE BIG BAD. I’m currently deep into Act 6 Act 2, past the point where Roxy and Dirk have been introduced, which is about a hundred pages ahead of my last Simeder Jackson, licensed esthetician and founder of Skin Folks, an organization working to make the I Survived A Homestuck Hyperfixation Shirt and by the same token and skin-care community more inclusive, tends to agree. Their rivalries and ridiculously elaborate competing plans entail 2pooky paranormal phenomena, random teleportation murders, grimdarkness, crazy suicide missions, silly conversations, password nonsense, lipstick chainsaw retribution, wrecking some havoc, and being santa. She narrated in her trademark red, except for the very end of Homestuck wearing a headband with troll horns. [Video] 2 Homestuck. ROSE: If any harm comes to us, or Yiffy, or if you attempt to shoot us down or in any other way disable our escape-- JAKE: Am I still dreaming? I have to tell you my dream hangovers are not usually nearly this bad! DIRK: I wasn’t going to say anything, but holy shit, dude. Which, listen, this at least isn't something I'm going to defend as an artistic practice worth preserving, this is some straight bullshit, this is nonsense. - stream 2 homestuck fankid playlists including homestuck, Born Ruffians, and Bratz music from your desktop or mobile device. But then there's the use of this concept and these characters, which is done in such a weird way that it becomes bad. 68tabs . by (Marionette-Warrior) ladies and gentlemn. The story's better, I promise!) Rated M for language and maybe some pairings in later chapters. They even have the same initials, which is always a sign of destined love! Mmmmm, steamy. Missed the last parts of homestuck tho. Discuss the webcomic, games and other works by Andrew Hussie with ~20000 fans! | 18,938 members Comics: Homestuck fanfiction archive with over 16,524 stories. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. com/TeamToxicu [Homestuck] Characters. Will probs make wikis for them later. com - impress your friends & offend your relatives Now with this free random insult generator! It has to be Homestuck. Reply. KARKAT: IS THIS GOING TO BE ANOTHER ANECDOTE ABOUT THE JAKE SQUAD I WON’T CARE ABOUT AND DON’T WANT TO FUCKING HEAR? DAVE: that sounds like the exact kind of opinion youd have about it so yeah Homestuck^2 is written by a team of writers based on a story outline by Hussie, and the project had funding from Patreon. Homestuck, Book 6: Act 5 Act 2 Part 2 (6) HAI!! we r a pizzeria themed kin server thts welcom 2 awll!! we r ND, psychosis, delusion, system, selfship, and otherkin/therian friendly, with lawts ov channels 2 indulge on hyperfixations and special interests (especially fnaf, mcyt, homestuck, invader zim, undertale, plushies + more!!!!)!! we also have mudae, and are planning on having our Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Homestuck Ser. Homestuck, Book 2: Act 3 & Intermission (2) Hardcover – July 10, 2018 1. I feel the same. report share. Ever on and on I continue circling With nothing but my hate in a carousel of agony Till slowly I forget and my heart starts vanishing And suddenly I see that I can't break free— I'm Slipping through the cracks of a dark eternity With nothing but my pain and the paralyzing agony To tell me who I am, who I was Uncertainty enveloping my mind Till I can't break free And Maybe Too bad! Alternia's Worst is a server dedicated to the trolls of Hiveswap and any other trolls you may be inclined to throw at them. report share. is homestuck 2 bad